Women Ministering to Women 

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Join us for the intimate, exclusive Mentorship Sessions that are designed just for Women in Ministry. This is a time to revive, refuel and refocus on details that your ministry needs to step into the next level.  I believe you will leave empowered, inspired and motivated to do the ministry that God has called you to do.  Bring an empty suitcase, notebook and heart.....as we want them to be filled up completely when you leave! These sessions will take place during Thursday and Friday Day Sessions of Women Ministering to Women 2016 in Miami, Florida. The following sessions are the 

I know I Am Called-Now What?
Taught by Mentor Jessica Marquez

Finding your place in Ministry. Many women know that they have a call to ministry. They have a burden. They've heard the voice of God. We know our calling-but don't know what to do next. This session will allow you to better understand the next step for your life.

Seasons in Ministry
Taught by Mentor Jena Grech

Many Women are in different seasons of ministry. Here we will take a deeper look at how each season should be approached, maximizing every moment.

Beatitudes of Social Media:
Taught by Mentor Tiffany Huba

Here you will learn Social Media Etiquette and Tips for keeping social and godly graces online. You will also understand the tool of Evangelism that Social Media Really Is.

Balance and Boundaries
Taught by Mentor Rhonda Burk

In this session we will dig deep and see how balance is so necessary in the lives of women in ministry. So many times we hear the questions, "how can I balance being a Mom and a minister? How can I balance working a secular job, and being a minister? How can I balance it all?" You will also learn how much the necessities of Boundaries are needed in your home life and ministry.

Lost Voices
Taught by Mentor Lois Mitchell

A study of how women somehow lost their voices, and are afraid to step into the calling of God on their lives. In this session you will learn how to find your Voice in the kingdom of God!

Minding Your Influence
Taught by Mentor Shara McKee

In this session you will learning the power of influence that you hold as a woman in ministry. Using this influence to change the lives of the people around you. 

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